In the News…. Myles Jackman speaks to Parliament

Freedom of expression is absolutely fundamental to me as an individual

The House of Lords Select Committee on Communication are currently investigation the regulation of the internet.  That’s not just to do with Age Verification though it does get a mention in the evidence Myles gave to the select committee.

The final question was “What freedom of expression means to you” to which he replied:

“Freedom of expression is absolutely fundamental to me as an individual. I have reasons for that. As well as being interested in obscenity, as was noted in the Guardian a couple of years ago I am a practising BDSMer; I have an interest in alternative sexuality. Therefore, I have a distinct interest in both privacy and freedom of expression and my ability to express my sexuality without imposing on anyone else, or infringing anyone else’s consent; so, on a personal level it absolutely resonates with me.”

Full transcript

Video of the proceedings