DCMS need to be clear about Age Verification start date

With numerous reports going round the internet that Age Verification has ‘been delayed’ the Dept of Culture Media and Sport need to give some clarity about when this will come into full effect.

Reports had suggested a 1st April start date, though there had never been a formal announcement about this (at least not that I’ve seen or found). The nearest to an ‘official’ announcement was Minister Margot James telling a Parliamentary committee the start would be ‘by Easter’

Neither DCMS website, blog or twitter feed have any ‘official’ updates.

Easter is now just a few weeks away and adult site providers can only put measures into place when they have clarity about what is happening. The most talked about provider – AgeID – doesn’t have an online registration for partners, any published information about how site operators can apply their solution or published information about pricing. Their identified partner – Portes – are still advertising for people to take part in their Beta programme*

Last minute changes are hard for site owners to implement, they have cost and time implications and giving them continued legal uncertainty isn’t a fair way to treat them.

The Age Verification Regulator wants to take a compliance focused, proportionate approach to do that site owners need to be treated fairly and given information in good time.