Age Verification start date announced – press round up

The Government announced that Age Verification will come into force on July 15th – Official announcement

The annoucement was not without a hitch though – as they accidentaly forgot to BCC the journalists emails revealing the email addresses of over 300 journalists.

News coverage

“Concerns have been raised that the laws could result in the creation of a database of the UK’s porn viewers, which would pose a privacy problem if it were to ever leak”, according to The Guardian

“It’s also possible that the porn block could drive Brits underground into extreme corners of the internet” warned The Sun

Sky News pointed out that “Simply ticking a box or entering a date of birth will no longer be enough”

And Computer Weekly wrote about “the challenges of age-verification technology”

Newsnight report

Myles Jackman and Pandora Blake featured on Newsnight’s coverage (only available for 26 days)

Activists writings

Blake posted on their Patreon (for patreon subscribers only – which helps fund their campaign work so well worth some of your hard earned shekels and groats!).

Girl on the Net wrote this in the Guardian. She also wrote this about how a VPN isn’t the answer to Age Verification which although written some time ago is very current.

Guido Fawkes said “The Government’s sledgehammer approach to the internet is what you’d expect from an authoritarian regime like China or Saudi Arabia, not the liberal democracy that invented it”

Campaign/pressure groups respond

Open Rights Group warned about the absence of compulsory privacy standards, and reminded people about the past privacy failings of MindGeek (the parent company of PornHub who are promoting their Age ID solution).

The Adam Smith Institute highlighted their “Repeal the Porn Laws” campaign.

HT to various people on twitter for these – Myles Jackman, Pandora Blake, Neil Brown and Network String